Hi! I’m Marietta.


I started this little fitness business seven years ago in Benton, Arkansas with 10 people I did not know.

We all worked out together and got results. They had friends, family, co workers that they would invite to come work out and get healthy. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. As the fitness classes grew, I rented space all over Saline County: the community center, an old warehouse, even a dance studio to host hot yoga.

After three years of renting space from others, I was able to open the doors to McClure Fitness in November 2013. Since then we have proudly grown from a staff of ten to 40 employees offering 60+ group fitness classes each week.

On a personal note, during this time I had four kids (crazy, I know) and attribute my sanity to exercise. It is HARD work being disciplined in multiple areas of your life. I tried my best to be faithful in the most important areas:: God and family. And then faithful to my workouts and to learn to love to eat healthy. The end result is a body that I am not embarrassed to be seen in a swimsuit after four kids. Many teachable moments later, I feel like I truly understand how busy life can get and it is even more important to take care of yourself when you have others that depend upon you. If I can do it, SO CAN YOU.


Follow along with me as I blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube… and whatever else comes along. Some days I’m on top of it, some days you can find me going through the local donut drive through hoping no one sees me.

Thanks for stopping by, Marietta


Marietta on the beach. Sep 2010

September 2010: Starting out on my fitness business journey.

Baby number one. Feb 2012

February 2012: About to pop with baby #1, but on my way to workout!

Losing baby weight. Spring 2012

Spring 2012: Progression of weight loss over 5 months.


Marietta working out. Winter 2012

Winter 2012: Working hard to stay fit!


Pregnant with numbers 2 & 3. Summer 2013

Summer 2013: Pregnant with babies 2 and 3!

Marietta with the twins. Sep 2013

September 20, 2013 Elin Gail and Etta Carol were born.

Losing baby weight.

50 pounds lost in 4 months – hard work!


Family of SIX! January 2017.