Yes! You can always drop in and pay at the front desk before class. Or, if you missed the first week of classes then we  will prorate the rest of the session for you. You can call (501) 269-1662 for any other questions.


Make-up Policy:

If WE cancel class you can make up your class anytime. If you decide not to come (for whatever reason) and we had class, then it is your loss. A weekend class cannot be used as a makeup and is always $5. We want you to make up a missed class during the week. We have over 50 classes at every possible time, so this should not be a problem. Also, remember that you need to make up a missed class with the class you missed. Please don’t show up to attend a barre or yoga class because you missed bootcamp. If you have knew in advance that you would miss class and made arrangements with Marietta to make up a class you must let the instructor know (please provide proof by showing the text, Facebook message or email) or your instructor will assume that you are dropping and need to pay the drop in fee. Starting in January each class will have a roster and anyone not on the roster will be asked to pay for a drop in. We have over 400 clients and are forced to be strict with our makeup policy because most classes are full.

Maybe. You can always show up for class and see if someone does not show up. If they don’t show, then you can have their spot!

No, you cannot make up a missed weekday bootcamp class for a weekend class. All weekend classes are considered extra workouts and are always $5 to drop in. You do have the entire four weeks to make up your missed class, during the week.

Yes. We pride ourselves in having a true unlimited option. You can attend seven days week, multiple times a day! The unlimited package includes EVERY weekend class, making worth every penny! We will add your name to unlimited roster and you’ll add a tally mark every time you attend a class. We love seeing those tally marks!

Yes! It is $10 to try out or drop-in to a class. The spin classes are all space-limited, so you would only be able to drop-in if there is an opening. You can call ahead to find out. (501) 269-1662