Yes! You can always drop in and pay at the front desk before class. Or, if you missed the first week of classes then we  will prorate the rest of the session for you. You can call (501) 269-1662 for any other questions.


Make-up Policy:

We want you to make up a missed class during the week. We have over 50 classes at every possible time, so this should not be a problem. Also, remember that you need to make up a missed class with the class you missed. Please don’t show up to attend a barre or yoga class because you missed bootcamp.

Maybe. You can always show up for class and see if someone does not show up. If they don’t show, then you can have their spot!

No, you cannot make up a missed weekday bootcamp class for a weekend class. All weekend classes are considered extra workouts and are always $5 to drop in. You do have the entire four weeks to make up your missed class, during the week.

Yes. You can attend seven days week, multiple times a day! The unlimited package includes weekends also. Unlimited clients may do one space limited class a day and as many non space limited classes as they would like.

Yes! It is $10 to try out or drop-in to a class. Space limited classes like spin are under classes “Drop In” tab. You can reserve a bike in advance there.