Marietta's Stories

Take it from someone who's been there, knows the struggle, and knows how to take back your body.

Back On Track

4 min read For most people, fitness and health is pushed to the back burner. However, it should be kept front and center. You only have one body. One mind. Take care of you.

Tips Of The Fitness Trade

2 min read The average American gains five pounds from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Are you average? Or do you really go all out? If so, you could gain 10 to 15 pounds!

Lessons For Life And The Gym

3 min read In fitness, and in life, don’t hold back. Living in your safe zone will never foster growth. It’s time to let go of whatever is causing you to hesitate.

Find Your Inner Athlete

3 min read “I’m not here to maintain, I’m here to get better.” It’s such a simple statement, but so profound. We have to adopt that philosophy for life. If you maintain then you’re going to stay the same.

Press Your Luck

3 min read If you put in the work you WILL get results. Listen to Destin’s story and how she found so much success!

Moms Can Be Fit Too

3 min read As mothers, we give of ourselves all day. Make a change and do one thing a day for yourself.