Behind the Sweat: Hip-Hop Cardio, Spin, Barre, & PiYo

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Last month I talked about what goes on “behind the sweat” in our two most intense classes – Strength & Bootcamp. This time around, we’re talking about our most fun exercise classes at McClure Fitness, including Hip-Hop Cardio, Spin class, and Barre/PiYo.

With these classes, your workout isn’t all about sweating it out (although you definitely will be sweating it out). If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want your workout to feel like a workout, these fun-filled, exciting classes are for you. So, if you’re ready to spice up your workout routine, keep scrolling!

Hip-Hop Cardio

With Hip-Hop Cardio classes, you can unleash your dance moves in a judgment-free zone.

But don’t think that a fun class means you won’t be getting your workout in! During this class, you can expect choreographed hip-hop dance moves combined with a heart-pumping exercise routine.

While you’re showing off your dance moves in this class, you’re also building endurance, improving your cardiovascular health, and toning your legs through dance-inspired squats. It’s an engaging way to work on your fitness goals while having a blast.

Plus, you can learn some moves to bust out at weddings or the club.

If you’re not convinced yet, what if I told you that sometimes this class turns into a black light dance party? We like to dance with the black lights on, so if you wear white to class, you can glow! And, if you’re not quite as confident in your dance moves, you can wear black and dance like no one’s watching.

We’ve also been known to have a pop-up “club night” where everyone wears glow bracelets, and we turn the gym into a club!

So, whether you’re a workout beginner looking to start your routine with something fun, or an exercise veteran ready to add something new to your fitness routine, you should give Hip-Hop Cardio a try!


Spin class is a favorite around McClure Fitness because it’s a great workout that pushes your limits while keeping the fun factor intact. It’s the perfect way to make your fitness routine more exciting.

During Spin, you’ll be climbing, sprinting, and dancing your way to the best conditioning of your life — all on a bike and all with a passionate instructor who won’t let you quit! Spin offers numerous benefits, including increased endurance, endorphin release, stronger muscles, and a tighter core.

Like Hip-Hop Cardio, we like to turn on the black lights for these classes, so you can wear white and stand out, or you can wear all black and enjoy a quiet ride. Either way, you’re moving your body and reaping the health benefits afterward.

You should consider trying out spin because it is one of the most fun ways to improve your cardiovascular health while being easy on your joints. Spin is also not just a physical activity; it’s a thrilling and energizing experience. During our Spin classes, you can feel the motivation and energy radiating from both the instructor and fellow participants. It’s fun to work toward leveling up in Spin by finding the beat, mastering the various moves, and being a part of an encouraging community! 

Spin also gives you a mental health boost with loud music, choreographed moves, team energy, and inspiration from the instructors. And as you push yourself mentally and physically, you’ll reach new heights you never thought possible.

Spin is perfect for such a wide range of people in different seasons of life because it’s truly a class that everybody can do.

When you join us for spin class, you’ll find synchronization among participants, no matter if they’re a beginner or expert. There’s a unique sense of camaraderie as you all strive to achieve the same goal, and cheering each other on and witnessing others’ accomplishments makes your workout feel even more rewarding.


When it comes to sculpting and toning your body while having a blast, our Barre classes are the perfect fit.

Working everything from your calves to your arms, barre is a ballet-inspired strength training workout that blends low-impact and high-intensity movements for crazy-good results. You’ll burn out muscle groups by using small weights (no bulky muscles here) and tighten & tone your muscles, especially your booty.

Plus, Barre classes offer endless variety, making each session unique and exciting. Every workout presents different moves and exercises, keeping you engaged and motivated.

Barre is a great choice when you need a break from the more intense cardio classes. It allows you to rediscover the joy of working out by slowing down and really putting your mind to muscle in slow, controlled, and concise movements.  It’s also a great class to try as a beginner because the instructors really work with you on form to make sure you’re getting the most benefit from each move. 


PiYo can teach you how to correctly use your breath to achieve a higher-quality workout and keep your mind focused. With this class, you can expect a combination of mat pilates and yoga poses that come together to improve your flexibility, stability, posture, and core strength.

PiYo works in sections: warmup, lower body, full body, yoga flow, and core. In contrast to Barre, PiYo classes follow the same routine for four weeks at a time to allow you to get comfortable with the moves and promote “flow.”

PiYo is also the perfect class for a fitness minimalist – you don’t even have to wear shoes! You won’t use any kind of workout gear – just your body weight. We also encourage you to stay away from a squishy mat unless you’re trying to challenge your stability.

Consider giving PiYo a try if you’re wanting to improve your posture and balance or if you’re wanting to try something truly different.  You will still get your heart rate up and leave class feeling like you worked really hard, but you’ll also re-focus your mind and leave feeling mentally refreshed.

Ready to Spice Up Your Normal Exercise Routine?

At McClure Fitness, we believe that fitness should be enjoyable and fulfilling. By incorporating fun exercises, exciting activities, and dynamic routines into your fitness journey, you can achieve your fitness goals while having a great time.

Whether you choose the energetic and rhythm-filled Hip-Hop Cardio, the invigorating Spin classes, or the sculpting and toning sessions of Barre & PiYo, McClure Fitness has what it takes to keep you engaged and motivated. It’s time to unleash your inner dancer, push your limits, and find balance in your fitness routine.

So, what are you waiting for? Lace up your sneakers (or don’t if you’re in PiYo), grab a gym buddy and join us at McClure Fitness for an exhilarating fitness experience that will leave you smiling & sweating.

Not in the Benton area? Not a problem. Check out the programs on McClure Fitness Online to try these classes from the comfort of your living room!

Don’t be afraid to try something new in your fitness routine. You may discover a new kind of workout that you truly love. BUT you’ll never know if you don’t try 😉