Success Stories from The McClure Fitness Weight Loss Challenge

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If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, you may feel that you’ve tried every weight loss program or diet out there without experiencing any real difference.

The McClure Fitness Weight Loss Challenge is a local legend in Central Arkansas. Hundreds of lives have been changed as bodies are transformed to unimaginable levels.

However, I know that you’ve probably heard this before from a thousand internet exercise gurus who promise results they can’t deliver. So, if you’re not going to take my word for it, I have two stories from two participants of the previous Challenge who have experienced real results in more ways than you’d think.

Lindsey’s Weight Loss Journey

Ready to Move Into a Healthy Lifestyle

As a stay-at-home mom to four children, Lindsey knows what it’s like to put your health needs on the backburner. When the pandemic hit in March of 2020, Lindsey found herself falling out of her regular gym routine and canceling routine doctor appointments. Between being pregnant with her fourth baby, keeping up with virtual school, and facing the fear of the unknown, she was struggling to keep up. She says, “I had real health concerns, and I was simply neglecting myself, thinking I was doing the right thing as a mom.”

When New Year’s of 2022 rolled around, Lindsey knew it was time to make a change and promised herself to put her health first. She had mutual friends that used McClure Fitness and decided to give it a shot. She says, “I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

Although she was committed, self-doubt began to creep in at the point of registration. She asked herself,

Am I too far gone?

Am I capable of these workouts?

Will I fail and become a quitter?

What if I do this and don’t see results?

Now, Lindsey laughs at these doubts. After the 12-Week Challenge, she’s down 25 pounds and down inches all over her body.

The Motivation to Keep Going

Lindsey notes that the most important tool that the Challenge gave her for success – Accountability. She says, “The accountability of the group kept me committed. I used to share weaknesses and temptations, and they rallied to encourage me because they were doing it too. Reminders and a community are vital!”

As an MF member located in another state, the ability to participate in The Challenge online was everything to her.

“I was able to do the program 100% with the online checklist of workout videos, the ability to log my journey of weight and measurements, and access to healthy recipes. Marietta was available to review our food logs and troubleshoot any questions we had along the way.  I also got daily interaction with other participants in the online Facebook group, so I never felt alone or unprepared even being online!

Rewards Beyond Losing Weight

“I was so sad about the place I was in, but my confidence is back.”

After completing The Challenge, Lindsey accomplished more than meeting a weight loss goal. She’s back in control of her health and her life. She says, “I’m sleeping well, my gut is functioning properly, my mood and anxiety are controlled with exercise, and I’ve weaned off all medication. I even slid into those single-digit skinny jeans that had been on the shelf for a couple of years!”

On top of that, she feels more confident and capable both mentally and physically. She says, “My priorities have shifted. I have to take care of myself first before I can care for my family.” She also adds, “I have a big family with a lot of needs. Putting my health first has given me the energy to keep up.”

However, her biggest accomplishment has been finishing with no regrets. She believes that she gave it her all and got results!

And through completing the challenge, Lindsey got something back that she had been missing for a long time. No, it wasn’t those skinny jeans. It was herself, or more specifically, the pre-covid version of her. She says, “I feel like I’m back in a good exercise routine, more knowledgeable with my nutrition, and I can continue a healthy path outside of the Challenge with McClure Fitness Online!

Sierra’s Weight Loss Journey

The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge

Sierra felt that her weight had been plateauing for four months. She decided she was doing something wrong and that it was time for a change!

Sierra had tried what seemed like everything in the past. “I’ve done a ton of workouts and meal plans, but none that ever worked.” She was also nervous about meal prepping— “I’ve never done it before and was worried that I wouldn’t eat the correct portion of food or fall off the wagon mid-week.”

Resisting Junk Food

In regards to temptation, Sierra says, “I’m not going to say that I didn’t have temptations every week— When I got my son McDonald’s, I had to sniff the fries before I handed them over. However, I knew that if I stuck to the plan and didn’t give in, at the end of the 12 weeks, I would feel proud to say that I did it!”

Sierra also notes that accountability played an important role in her success— “I had to have someone actually see my weight go down or up and tell me what I could do to fix it. I needed a group that I could whine to when I wanted to eat those McDonald’s french fries!”

Experiencing Real Progress

Sierra got real results through The Challenge. She constantly noticed herself losing inches and weight, which kept her motivated. She lost 24 pounds and 20 inches. One of her reasons for joining The Challenge was because she wanted to feel better about herself in pictures. She’s finally confident in herself. She says, “I don’t have to take a thousand pictures to make sure I’m standing just right.”

Her confidence is not just in the way she looks but in the abilities that she gained from the challenge. When she started the Challenge, she could barely make it through the warm-up! Now, she can make it through her entire workout without taking long breaks. She’s also gained an ability that is extra special to her. She says, ” I can run beside my son on his bicycle without having to tell him to slow down. I’ve never done that before without running out of breath.”

At the end of the Challenge, Sierra felt that she had accomplished so much. She surpassed her goal to lose 15 pounds, learned how to eat right, and now feels like she really knows what she’s doing when working out. Most of all, she’s stronger mentally and physically, making her the most confident that she has ever been.

More Than A Weight Loss Program

“It’s NOT like any other, seriously!”

You may relate to both Lindsey and Sierra. Maybe you’ve lost your self-confidence or even feel like you’ve lost yourself. Your McClure Fitness family is here to get you back on track.

Sierra says, “Don’t be like me— scared, worried, embarrassed, intimidated. Just do it! It’s the most encouraging and life-changing thing I’ve ever done.” She also points out some advice that I’ve given— “Excuses don’t burn calories.”

According to Lindsey, there’s no reason not to sign up for the challenge. She says, “You have nothing to lose but some bad habits and extra weight. It’s a step-by-step program that gives you everything you need to succeed. You just have to show up, press play, and commit to the process, and you will see results.”

The Challenge is truly more than a weight loss program. It’s a way to redefine yourself. We give you the workouts you need, the healthy eating habits you have to form, and the accountability to keep you on track.

If you’re ready to learn more about the Challenge, visit this page and give us your email so you can sign up for the next Challenge!

And if you’re ready to start your weight loss journey today, you can sign up for the Weight Drop program on McClure Fitness Online to jumpstart your weight loss, get access to 250+ healthy recipes and start tracking your progress now!