Fall in love with a . you.

Crush your personal fitness goals with the guidance, accountability, and support you crave without sacrificing time for the gym.

Do you bend over backwards for your family, only to find there's no time left for you?

Do you give all of yourself (and then some) to your kids, but when you think about how badly you want to do something for yourself, a wave of guilt washes over you?

Are you ready to take back your body (and health) from the months (or years) of neglect so that you can finally slip into that favorite pair of jeans you kept because you swore they would fit again?

If you have been searching for the right workout, the right meal plan, the right program to get lean, strong, and healthy, your search is over.

Bending Over Backwards For Your Kids

Hey! I'm Marietta. I've been where you're at... three different times.

As the owner and lead trainer of McClure Fitness, I’ve grown a small group of 10 folks in a community center to a staff of over 30 trainers and massive following of fitness fanatics that value their health.

I’ve personally helped hundreds of people achieve incredible, long-term results through proper exercise and healthy eating.

But you should know something about me…

I’ve been there – overweight, unhappy with myself and unsure if I’d ever get back the body I was proud of. This is how I took my body back after three pregnancies and four kids.

This is the winning formula to get the results you want, no matter where you're at right now.


Find someone to tell you exactly how to exercise and eat healthy. Get instruction on every move, the technique, proper form, and order of each workout for maximum effect.


Isolation is the death of motivation. Find your tribe – people that will be there to cheer you on and push you to keep going when it gets tough (trust me, it will get tough).


I get it – there's only 24 hours in a day. If you're serious about change, you'll make time. Find a way to get a workout in, whether it's earlier, later, or in-between your "stuff."

You need a system that combines the direction you crave, the motivation you need, and timing that works for you.

McClure Fitness Online was designed with you in mind.

Take advantage of the group exercise class environment anytime, anywhere. 

Exercise Programs

This is not just a collection of workout videos. Each program is specifically designed with a series of classes to get you a body that you are proud of. No matter where you're at, there is a program made for you!

Work out anywhere with McClure Fitness Online

Group Classes

Take full advantage of the group exercise class environment no matter where you work out. Each video is recorded live during actual classes at McClure Fitness. Watch on any device for the ultimate flexibility.

Meal Planning

The last thing you need is to sabotage your progress with bad food choices. Access my private recipe book of over 200 healthy meals and plan your weeks out so you know to set yourself up for success.

This is everything you need to finally take back your body and get the results you’ve always wanted but have struggled to achieve.

Not sure if this is for you? Let's find out.

McClure Fitness Online is not a good fit for everyone. Before you go any further, you should know this may not be for you if: 

BUT maybe you aren’t sure if you’ve ever done it right? This may be what you’ve been looking for if:

This is not a fluke. Results are expected.

These are not special cases. Just real work, real results, real love.

"This has changed my life... obviously... This is not an ending, this is the beginning of my lifestyle change."
down over 100 lbs
"I will keep going. I've learned the right exercise and food habits to lose weight in a healthy way."
20 lbs gone
"Marietta says to 'get uncomfortable and stay uncomfortable to see change.' So that’s what I’ve been doing."
said goodbye to 33 lbs

Get out of that rut once and for all.

Paying for a personal trainer, dietitian, gym membership, and group classes could easily cost you $1000/month. You get all of that plus the convenience of any time, anywhere access!

Still not sure? Let me prove it to you.

The Launch Challenge is a 7-day program to jumpstart your journey. You'll get:

Launch Program by McClure Fitness

Weigh yourself today, start working out with me tomorrow. If you do what I say for seven days, YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!